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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hey there, Vintage Apple friends! Myra here from The Little Aslam

If y'all have been keeping up with Michelle, you know she is in the process of dealing with a gallbladder issue, SO send her lots of love & well wishes, okay? I know she's ready to get back to her sweet little man ASAP! 

I recently went through a lay-off (it's okay, I'm re-employed now!) which left me with a lot of time to become a super domestic goddess. Ok, fine, maybe that's stretching it , but let me at least show y'all some of the awesome recipes I whipped up while I was home ;) 

Paula Deen's Gooey Chocolate Cookies
Source: pauladeen.com via Myra on Pinterest

At Home Passionfruit Tea Lemonade!! 

Stuffed Bell Peppers - Quick & Healthy
Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta
Oreo Balls

Have y'all tried any amazing recipes that you think I should absolutely try out?! I'm always on the hunt for more yummy-ness in my life! 

What are you pinning this week?
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Lindsay said...

Those cookies look delish. And, I have so want to try the reciepe for the tea!

Happy Wednesday!

Megan Wait said...

I am all for those stuffed peppers!

Cotton said...

I actually did the passion fruit tea!! I'll be posting about it tomorrow :)

Fern Smith said...

The Oreo balls are amazing, we make them every Christmas!

Christina Williams said...

I love oreo balls, and that cajun pasta looks amazing! Thanks for the good food finds!

Kerry E. said...

Best link up ever!! AS if I am not addicted to Pinterest enough! Loving looking through everyone's posts. The Chili looks amazing, might have to try tonight since it is snowing here!

Amy @ A Glimpse of the Gouglers said...

Holy yum that Cajun pasta looks SO GOOD! I may have to try this soon, the hubs would LOVE IT!

Marissa @ Just Being Marissa said...

Paula's cookies and the oreo balls have me wanting to quit my diet right here and now! Yummy pins for this week! :)

- Marissa @ Just Being Marissa

Annie said...

OK...now I'm starving :)
I pinned that Cajun Pasta...looks delish!!

Rachael SparkFire said...

Oh wow, everything looks absolutely delicious!

I am so excited to follow your blog!
everything is so interesting and entertaining, i do not know where to start.

I hope you follow back so we can stay in touch with each other dear xoxo

Lauren122 said...

My hubby and I tried the creamy cajun chicken pasta one night since we had all the ingredients and I needed something quick. It was AMAZING! At least we thought so. Now it's a go-to and we have it all the time. I'm definitely going to have to try those oreo balls.

Magical Mystical MiMi said...

Holy crap as soon as I saw those Oreo balls my brain stopped functioning.. Def have to make some of those! Wow.

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