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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can we please discuss how AH-MAH-ZING Kyra Sedgwick looked at the SAG awards Sunday night?!?!

When I saw her, my mouth dropped.

Homegirl is 46 years old and looks BANGIN!!! I only hope and pray I look that awesome at 46!

Her dress was by Emilio Pucci. I love how she kept it so very simple!!! Light on the makeup and light on the jewelry. And her hair is freakin perfect!!!!

This is my favorite look on any celeb in such a long time!!!

Some other looks that I find StealWorthy:

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski
I am LOVING the color of Emily's dress. GORGEOUS.

Sofia Vergara
 Women that look like Sofia make me want to give up. Just sayin. She's flawless.

Movin on...

Here are some dresses I'm looking to purchase in the next few days!

Merona Women's Trapunto Dress in Hot Coral
How cute would that coral dress be with turquoise jewelry? 
Mossimo Women's Shirred Dress in black

Note to self:

I will go shopping after school today because the drum line practices RIGHT OUTSIDE of my classroom....I need to prevent a migraine and I think shopping will help. Obviously.

One last thing-a-ma-jig before I go....

I'm also on Google +!!!

Are you?

Find me here!

Peace out and.......

Can you believe today is the last day of January?! Craziness!


PS- I recently switched my email for blogger, and it caused me to accidentally unfollow some y'alls blogs ...if you see that I am no longer following you, please shoot me an email!!! Sorry bout that!


Monday, January 30, 2012

This seriously was an amazing weekend.

Well. Not the very beginning of the weekend. 

I had a training for work.

But then it got awesome.

Right after training, I went and bought this dress.

I couldn't find it on the internet, but it's the M.S.S.P. dress in Medallion pink/black/gray.

This dress was super comfortable!

I also wore my hair in a poofy pony-tail, but I messed it up getting into the car, so I had to take it down :(

Oh well.

My dad and step-mom came in from Austin to celebrate her birthday, and my dad rented a limo so we could all ride together!!! 

This is a picture of the limo we rode in...I had to steal a picture from the company's website...I'm an idiot and didn't take ANY pictures of the darn thing in person.

Guess I was way too excited to ride in a limo. It was my first time!

After the limo picked us up, we went to have dinner at P.F. Changs.

I love that place.

me and my seester!

After dinner, we all had cupcakes from Crave! Yum!

After dessert, we all piled back into the limo and went to The Armadillo Palace to watch Texas country artist Honeybrowne!

They were so good!

They were so sweet and signed some CD's for us, too!

After Honeybrowne, we left and found some hole-in-the-wall place that had Karaoke...I was in Heaven...

I only helped sing backup on Sweet Caroline.

I was signed up to sing other songs, but we got there so late they couldn't fit me in.


Clearly their loss.

I know some agent was there secretly to hear me sing. I probably lost out on the opportunity of a lifetime since I couldn't sing someone else's music on a crappy mircrophone. Sheesh.

We didn't get home until WAY WAY WAY past my bedtime.

I spent Sunday sleeping. Pretty much had a four hour nap.

Pathetic, right? Or awesome. Your call.

I thought it was awesome.

Oh, wanna know something else pretty awesome???

I get to go see Van Halen in June!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hence today's post title, Jump)


I, Michelle, am a HUGE Van Halen fan.

I am a fan of classic rock n roll.

I grew up listening to it, and I still love it to this day!



I also love the fact that Eddie Van Halen's son is now in the band.!

I'm also sharing with you today my loot from Blonde...Undercover Blonde's and The Nerdy Katie's book swap!!!!!

My book swap partner was Heather, one of the co-hosts from the swap!

She sent me not one, but TWO books for my Nook!!!!!

I'm currently reading the first book, The Undomestic Goddess, by Sophie Kinsella.

The second book she sent me was Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire!


Hopefully I'll be finished with these relatively soon so I can link up to her weekly book club link up!!!

That was my weekend! How was yours?

4 Friday Randoms For You. You're Welcome.

Friday, January 27, 2012


I'm in love with 2 things from Michael Kors right now.....

Words can't express how badly I want this purse.


I need these. Wish teachers got paid more!


The Nail Files

I went and had my nails done this week and tried the OPI gel out for the 1st time.

My overall impression?



I've also been fixing my hair like this a lot this week....

It's a bit of a front poof with big poof on the crown...then pulled into a very messy bun.

My hair has gotten really long and it is just so much fun being able to fix my hair like this!


My in-real-life and blog friend Meg (and blog designer extraordinaire) posted this last week...

I have the very same app and never used it.

Until now.

Let me apologize to you in advance...

It's terrible.

But I have never laughed so hard at something in my entire life!!!!!! a special parting gift before you go...

I've decided to grace you with yet ANOTHER video!!!!

You are probably saying "How can this be????"

Don't worry! It's just as cheese-tastic as the first! You will not be disappointed!

This one is my Valentine's Day edition!!!!!

Isn't it awesomely 80s?!?!?!

TGIF heart puffs!!!

Pet Peeves

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We all have them...

As much as some won't readily admit...

we all have a pet peeve of some sort.

Want to know mine?!?!

I have a few, actually:

1. Dog poop in my front yard that doesn't belong to my dog.
2. Drivers driving badly because they are on their cell phones
3. Not saying thank you
4. Brandi Glanville for sleeping with Gerard Butler biggest pet peeve y'

 being ignored in passing.

Let me explain.

I guess my momma and daddy just raised me right, because whenever I walk past anyone (unless they are sketchy and look like cereal killers) I will almost ALWAYS smile and make some sort of eye-contact.

Here lately, especially at work, I will walk past peeps and smile.

What do I get in return?

A big, fat, avoiding glance in the other direction.

Or...I'll just get the look where the person pretends to stare at their feet when they walk.

Or...I'll get a look. But it's not a nice one. It's not mean but it's not nice. 

What's the deal?!?!

Do I have something on my face and they don't want to tell me about it?!?!

Do they NOT see me being friendly and smiling?!?!

Do I have a big ol cirle with the line thingy over my face in real life??

Even if I don't care for the person professionally, I almost always make it a point to smile at the person!!! I'm just programmed that way!

Maybe I'm just taking it way to personally? That could be possible. 

People avoid me in passing like the hubs avoids taking pics in the car. 

I've been told that I am way too nice.

Is that a bad thing?

Oh well.

I think being way too nice is better than being rude.

So...I wanna know...

What are some of your pet peeves?

Oh, How Pinteresting!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!!

Let's link up for:

What is Pinterest?

Source: via Starr on Pinterest

Pinterest is the place where you can catalog everything lovely.

You'll need an invite to get on the site...I can help you with that!

Email me your email addy! I'll send you an invite as soon as I can!

Let's start pinning!!! 

Source: via Robin on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

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Grab a button and link-up!!!!!

Can't wait to see what you guys pin this week!!!!!


Puppy Love

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Further proof that the man I married is going to be a phenomenal father one day....

And yes. I can tell this by the way he gives our puppy kisses.

(And by the way he is around all of his nieces and nephews!)

I love this picture...hubs didn't even know I was taking it.

Ace, however, was not very happy about this. He growled a lil bit when he got all up in his personal space.

Oh well.

I'm a gooey mess of love today....hope you are too!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Home Interiors

Monday, January 23, 2012

In "my next life",

I would like to be an interior designer---

so I can have pretties like this in my home

without it looking like a hot-ass-mess.

This is seriously my dream library...I WILL have this one day!!!!
Source: via Kirsten on Pinterest

Such a great idea!!!!!! 

Or, in my next life, may I be blessed with lots of cash so I can hire someone to make my home look that way!

I'm taking hubs to Lowe's or Home Depot ASAP to buy new light fixtures for our house and some PAINT!!! I need to paint my kitchen cabinets!

So, the question of the day is:

What are some small things to do in your home that make a BIG difference?

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