37 Week Bump-Date

Thursday, December 13, 2012

I took this while waiting for my doctor's appointment on Monday...I was 30 minutes ahead of schedule just sitting around in the parking garage and I wanted to see what my belly looked like while sitting! :)

How far along? 37 1/2 weeks! 

Maternity clothes? All Maternity. All the time. Sounds like a Pandora station, right?

Sleep: not very much at all.

Best moment this week: Found out that baby Apple will be here with us on Friday, December 21st! I'm being induced due to his, ahem, larger size :)

Miss Anything? Nothing!

Movement: Always moving around! I see so many random parts skim across my belly...so weird but amazing at the same time.

Food cravings: Sweet Tea. Sweet Tea. Sweet Tea. Still sweet tea.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Eating after 8pm and not taking a Tums.

Gender: Baby boy!!!!!!!!

Labor Signs: None yet! After my appointment this past Monday, I found out I have not dilated any more past 1 cm, but all you mommies out there know that that doesn't mean anything! 

Belly Button in or out? In! Stretched but still in!!! 

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: Elated!

Looking forward to: My next doctor's appointment on Monday, the 17th and being induced on Friday the 21st!!!!!

What does Alphamom have to say about week 37? 

Your Baby:
  • Weighs about six and a half pounds, and is 21 inches long — quite possibly the same length he or she will be at birth.
  • Is packing on close to a half-pound of pure, unadulterated baby chub every week.
  • Are probably dismayed to realize you are STILL outgrowing your maternity clothes. Your shirts ride up to reveal a couple inches of belly (or elastic waistbands), your pants might bulge and pucker weirdly as your uterus drops lower, and some tops might feel especially tight as your ribcage expands to handle all your pushed-up organs.
  • Might be having serious trouble getting a good night’s sleep thanks to your size (my limbs keep falling asleep under my body’s crushing weight), your baby’s jolt-you-awake-caliber kicks, bladder calls, Braxton-Hicks contractions, and your brain’s constant buzz of excitement and anxiety and massive to-do lists.

My week 37 thoughts:

I'm going to be a mom in eight days. I'm going to be a mom in eight days. I just can not fathom it! I hear that when the doctor gives you a potential "induction" date, sometimes the body takes over and surprises you...I could end up going into labor on my own before then, and of course I think that would be wonderful!

I have chosen to be induced on Friday the 21st for several reasons, but ultimately I chose it for both my health and the baby's health...he is a big boy and I don't want anything to happen to either one of us if we wait until I am full term on the 30th. I will be just a couple days shy of 39 weeks so I think the baby is more than ok to make his arrival! I've discussed it at length with my doctor, and I know he would not steer me in the wrong direction.

We are definitely ready for him to be here. Our bags are packed and the car seat is installed. Now we just wait....

And just in case you missed it last week:

I am OBSESSED with reading my fellow bloggers birth stories!!! I guess because I have a little one on the way, I want to read about other women's experiences in the Labor and Delivery department!

Could y'all do me a little bitty favor?!?! If you are a mommy blogger and you have published your birth stories (I don't care how long ago!!), could you please link it up here for me? I would REALLY appreciate it!!! And maybe some other soon-to-be mommies out there would appreciate it as well!!!

THANK YOU!!!! Can't wait to read them all!!!!!!


DIY Davis Style said...

I'm a week behind you (36 weeks) and just like you am OBsessed with reading birth stories! Thanks for doing the link up and good luck next week!

jessica renee said...

I can't believe he'll be here so soon and in time for Christmas!!! So happy for you, mama!! And this link up was such a good idea. I would've loved to read all of these when I was pregnant!!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Ahhh one more week! I'm SO excited for you!!!!

Darby Hawley said...

This is so awesome Michelle! Congrats... about a week to go until he is here!

Rachel Easley said...

You're almost there!! Congratulations!

JulieBug said...

Aww you are adorable! I love baby bumps. :) I can't believe he will be here in just over a week, how exciting! The 21st is an awesome day too (our anniversary!) and I will be praying that everything goes smoothly for you.

WillJogForFood said...

That is so exciting to actually know the date your baby will be here! What a great Christmas gift :)

thenerdykatie said...

How did I miss that you're being induced on the 21st?!

Bev said...

Your baby boy belly makes me grin from ear to ear!! So exciting as the last week dwindle down for you and your hubby :)

tara said...

ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber Cease said...

HOMESTRETCH! ...and you are completely right, in that you're body may surprise you and bring him into the world sooner... so good thing you are all prepped and ready ;) will try to link up my two birth stories for you by the weekend for your pleasure reading!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh! He is coming before Christmas!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!

Megan said...

Ahhhhh!!!! How exciting!!! I can't wait to "meet" your sweet boy!! I'll be praying for a healthy and easy delivery for both of y'all!!

Wiz said...

I hate you.....not really but I have the same due date as you I believe (12/30) and I am being induced 12/27. I am jealous you only have a couple more days!! Good luck to you!

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