Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!!

Let's link up for:

Sponsored this month by the fabulous Brie, owner and creative mastermind behind the amazing Sophistifunk shop!!!!

And please read how her shop came to be....

"My dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer in October of 2011. He had never smoked and was only 44 years old, so it came as a huge shock to my family. He was a well known high school football coach in the Phoenix area and as soon as he was diagnosed, the community rallied together for him and created They raised money for our family to help pay for his rising medical bills and so my stepmom didn't have to worry about working while taking care of my dad and two little brothers (ages 1 and 6 at the time). My dad passed away in January 2012, just three months after his diagnosis. Seeing my dad (and hero) go through such a gruesome process of radiation and chemotherapy made me want to do something to give back and thank the community for all they'd done for our family. I've made jewelry for family and friends for a long time but decided that I wanted to create a business out of it with a percentage of proceeds going towards various cancer charities. Last month, I was able to donate over $100 to the Ronan Thompson Foundation which goes towards finding a cure for Neuroblastoma, a form of pediatric (childhood) cancer."

Brie, you are TRULY amazing. Amazing!!!!!

Please go shop at Sophistifunk and a part of the proceeds will be donated to cancer charities!!!!

Curious as to what her shop offers??

Look at all this cuteness!

And don't forget to visit her blog:

Let's get started!!!!

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Let's start pinning!!!

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The Vintage Apple

I can't wait to see what you guys pin this week!!!!!!

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Tarole said...

I'm pretty much in love with your entire post! Especially those NAILS!! Ahh.


Lyndsay said...

I love the smokey eye make-up pin. I just went and pinned it! :)

Jenstar_Blonde said...

that bed!!!!! oh my goodness!!! i sooo need that in my life! It just looks so cosy and totally princessy!! haha :D

Jen xxx

Ella {champagne+cardigans} said...

This is my favorite link-up! Thank you for hosting and Happy Thanksgiving!

Crystal said...

That little kitty is just TOOOOOO cute! I want!

Rachel Easley said...

Love so many of your pins this week! The Christmas lights nails and those bunk beds are amazing!! said...

Loving your pins this week!! That princess bunk bed is so cool...and the Christmas lights nail art = awesome. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Casey said...

My computer must be wonky, because I can't find the link-up! :(

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