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Friday, February 17, 2012

Here are my randoms. Y'all ready?



Gonna start this post off with a quick safety tip......

If you are like me and you drive a lot...and you drive by yourself a lot...this tip is especially for you.

This particular string of incidents has happened around the Houston area, but I'm sure this could happen anywhere...

A group of teens (possibly gang related) are driving up to cars and lightly rear-ending them. They hit just hard enough for the person driving the hit car to get out of the car to assess the damage and want to speak to the person who rear-ended them.

When they get out of their cars....a passenger from the other car holds the victim up at gun-point and car-jacks them.


Please. Don't EVER get out of your car until the police arrive. And yes, call the police. It doesn't matter how minor the wreck or fender bender.

Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Ok. Done with my safety tip.


Books, yo

I'm linking up with the beautiful ladies behind Book Club Friday to HIGHLY recommend Sophie Kinsella's book The Undomestic Goddess!!

It was FABULOUS! But then again, what Sophie Kinsella book isn't?!?

I really loved this book for so many reasons!

The main character, Samantha, was very very likable. She seemed very real and genuine.

Her love interest, Nathaniel, sounds like a dream...yes I said dream. Cause men like him DO NOT exist. But that little faux paus is easy to forget about!

I don't want to give anything away, so I will keep my description of the book to a minimum!!

Samantha is a lawyer. Something happens. She becomes something TOTALLY opposite of a lawyer. In the meantime, she discovers who she is and what makes life important.

The End.

Loved it. Buy it. You'll love it. 

I'm about to punch the "buy" button on my next Sophie Kinsella book, I've Got Your Number. It's her latest and greatest!

Moving on...........


Look what I ate after I typed up this post....

I think I deserved it. I'm gonna have to run 20 gazillion miles to work it off, but oh well. So worth it.

How did I make this?

I bought pre-made Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies and baked them.

I bought some Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

I put those things together (the key is to put the cookies in the bowl still HOT)

I ate it all.

I was in heaven.


What are y'all doing this weekend????

We don't have big plans....laundry is actually at the top of my list. Exciting huh??

Happy Weekend!


Kim said...

I just saw Sophie Kinsella's new book in Target yesterday and thought I need to reserve it at the library right away. I love her books!

Cait said...

i loved that book as well and def need to make some cookies soon ha!

Page Twenty-Two said...

I can imagine those cookies...still warm from the oven in the vanilla ice cream!! My mouth is watering! Scary about the car jacking in Houston! Great advice about making sure to stay in the car until police arrive! There are way too many crazies out there!

Heather said...

That is so scary!! My cousin lives in Houston and I immediately e-mailed what your post said so she can be careful too!!! yikes!!!

Faison said...

Yikes! That's so scary! I'm from Houston (in college in MS) and this is a new tactic to add to the book. How sad! :( Stay safe!

Leslie said...

I want to read that book!! I will have to add that to my list :)

Emmalee said...

Wow! That would be so scary! Thanks for the tip. :)

Those cookies and ice cream look delicious!

Valerie Griffin said...

wow those ice cream sandwiches look awesome!

Heather said...

I'm starting I've Got Your Number this weekend!!

Kristin said...

I eat cookies and ice cream together like that too. Yum! Thanks for the tip on the new book. I didn't know about it!

Mrs. Monologues said...

So excited about her new book, I am picking it up at Target today. I love her and Jennifer Weiner's books so much!

Cookies and ice cream are amazing!

This weekend we are buying bedroom furniture and getting together with Lindsay (@liwiser) - she grew up with my husband, but then I stole her.

Raquel said...

Oh man thats so scary about the driving thing :/ yikes, be careful!

Lauren Alyse said...

Wow I'm from Houston and have family there so that's scary...thanks for the heads up. And just so you know, I'm supremely jealous of your warm cookies/Bluebell homemade vanilla combo. Too bad I'm lactose intolerant...that's definitely what I miss the most. :/ Have a good Friday! :)

Rachel Larson said...

I love making mini ice cream sandwiches! Such a guilty treat, but way too yummy not to enjoy! :)I'm starting a book list because I want to read more..so I'll have to look at some of the people who are linking up! I'm keeping your book suggestions in mind too :) Happy weekend!


Wiz said...

When I was pregnant, I would heat up cookie dough in the microwave and then put ice cream on top of it. It was heaven! (Not that I think you are preg...)

Emily said...

Ugh laundry! Just spent all day yesterday doing tons & tons of laundry... I actually made all the 'piles' in my kitchen(next to the laundry room) to motivate me to get every bit of it done...

Hope you have a lovely & stress free weekend!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

That's so scary about the car jacking! Thanks for the advice.

I read The Undomestic Goddess and loved it too!

That ice cream and cookie combo looks to die for!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I loved that book!
And talk about sketchy teens - ahhh!

Enjoy your Friday, girl :)

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

That book was one of my favs!Mmm the icecream & cookies look delish :-) Have a good one!

Monica said...

mmmm cookies & ice cream!!

Rachel said...

You are the second person to recommend this book today, so it looks like I have to read this one. :) It sounds really good!!

Happy Friday!

Renee said...

My plan is probably going to be to make cookies and eat ice cream now! Thanks! (a lot - sike!) haha. Umm, that little safety tidbit is straight up scurrry!

Holly said...

Great safety tip, thank you!

And I'd like that dessert right now, thanks.

Happy weekend :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Thanks for the safety tip! I hadn't read or seen any stories about this in Houston! Eeek!

And happy weekend to you, missy!

Shayna said...

HI! I'm a new reader & I enjoy your blog a lot!
WOW! That is scary stuff! I work for a PD in N. TX & haven't heard of anything like that here yet! Thanks for the 411!
& Don't worry, you're not the only one with laundry at the top of your to do list this weekend!


Lindsey said...

Laundry is at the top of my list too. And some wine!! I'm so excited to have the entire house to myself AGAIN this weekend. And ummm, I am like a psycho about getting attacked. This string of incidents is going to now make me 1100000 times more pyscho. EEEEP!

Warm cookies and ice cream?? My fave. The mini brownie pre-made ones are to die too. Try them!

Cassandra Johnson said...

Let me know how "I've Got Your Number" goes. I put the sample on the Nook last night, but apparently while my daughter was reading one of her books on my Nook she somehow managed to buy the whole book from the sample! SMH!

I read a couple of pages, but couldn't really focus on it. It's not my usual cup of tea. Let me know! :)

Katie said...

Ugh- scams like that drive me insane! Honestly, if I saw there was a car full of people behind me who hit me, there is no way I'd get out of the car. I'd probably just keep driving and call it a hit n run. Better safe than sorry is right!

Meg O. said...

I would never get out of the car if teenagers rear ended me. Good advice!!! And omg when I saw those cookies and ice cream on instagram I almost died. Gimme!!!!

Emily said...

The car jacking scheme is pretty scurry! I would totally fall for that, because I'm innocent and gullible and always think people have good intentions.

Moving on....

Can I just say I'm reading this post at 10am Saturday morning and, thanks to you, am CRAVING some hot cookies & ice cream. Gah, you bizzo.

Molly Jac said...

WHAT?! That is freaking SCARY! Why are there people like that in this world. SERIOUSLY. Ugh. And cookies and cream is the besssssssst.

Kristen Danielle said...

Thanks for the safety tip! Appreciate it, girl.

I love Sophie Kinsella books! "Remember me?"
I bought another one of her books "20 girl" or something like that am excited to read it! It took me a little while to get used to her writing style since she is from England... but I do love her style!!

Sorry you had such a horrid day this past week! We should get together for a happy hour!

Blane181 said...

I love Sophie Kinsella! I read Twenties Girl not too long ago and The Undomestic Goddess is on my list to read.

And your snack looks so good and makes me want some oh, so bad. I should go run just for thinking of it!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Alright, girlfriend ... I feel like I have neglected you in a while and I apologize! I read all the time, but stupid work has blogger.com blocked so I can not comment. Ugh.

I love anything by Sophie Kinsella ... she is an amazing writer! I will have to check out this book :)

Have a great weekend, friend!! XO

MJ @ Teaching in Heels said...

Yikes! That is very scary. Good safety tip though...

Ocean Dreams said...

Love the Undomestic Goddess - such a good read! :)

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