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Monday, February 21, 2011

"Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays"- Office Space

Yes, I have a HORRIBLE case of the Mondays. My kids at school all woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I had to give several zeroes for missing assignments. I hate giving zeroes. Then, I was told my wedding dress was ready for pickup today, and when I get to the boutique to pick it up, IT WAS THE WRONG COLOR! So, yes. I have a case of the Mondays...and the only thing that might make me feel better is by identifying the things I must have ASAP. And some online window shopping. That always makes me happy! :)
Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote in Peanut

I must have this bag. MUST! I love the color and the size! Super fashionable and would go with anything and everything!

The Keurig coffee miracle!

My sister has the Keurig coffee maker and she says she LOVES it. I have decided I must have one of these...I think I will register for it!
Foot Loose
How pretty is this Essie shade? It's so Springy and just lovely. I am going to buy this polish by the end of the week.
Steve Madden BEVV-L
Oh. Emm. Gee. Love the new Steve Madden platform pump. Super sexy and sassy! I need these.
I am also obsessing about hair these days...I'm trying to keep my hair super healthy and I am trying so hard to prevent breakage and split ends with frequent trips to the salon for trims. I am constantly trolling the Internet looking for beautiful hairstyles for my upcoming nuptuals...I just don't want the "cookie-cutter" hair where all the brides have similar hairstyles...I want something classy but still relevant to today's bride.
Here are some hairstyles and colors I am really loving now:
Ashley Greene- I love both of these hairstyles on her! I love the richness of her haircolor on the picture to the right.
Eva Longoria- I am really digging her beach-style waves. Very feminine. I hope my hair grows a little bit longer so I can get it to look like this!
Jessica Biel- This girl can do no wrong. Her hair is always stunning. I like both of these looks very much.
Eva Mendes- In my opinion, I think this chick has the best hair in Hollywood. Period. She always looks so flawless and natural!
Thankfully, my temporary Monday illness is almost over. I am going to snuggle up with the beagle and Mr. Anonymous and hope that tomorrow goes so much better than today.


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