Monday, August 25, 2014

Ay Yi Yi- Kids Come Back Today

Where did my summer go? Ever since I became an administrator a little over a year ago, I don't even remember what a summer looks like!! And today- the kids arrive. Yup- the ones who actually HAD a summer. They return to school today and we begin another school year. This past year  has flown by!!

We didn't do much this weekend, and that is how I like it. Saturday found us sleeping in (8 am for us is totally like what 10 am felt like before having the kid) and then I took my car to have the oil changed and tires rotated. You know, grown up stuff (really the stuff we all hate to do but since we are grownups we have to do it...yeah, getting old is for the birds.)

We had dinner at one of our favorite Houston eateries, Auntie Pastos (if you are a Houstonite you must eat here!! Try the black pepper fettuccine with shrimp! To die!!). This is truly the only place where the little one will eat his weight in spaghetti and meatballs.

Sunday we did not get the opportunity to sleep in- 6 am came around quick. We drove to Sugar Land to look at houses (just getting ideas- not sure of a move just yet) then headed to Mattress Firm to look at mattresses- another one of those grown up things you have to do...I just can't believe mattresses are so darn expensive!!! I digress... From there, we went home and all took naps, woke up, went to Nine West to look for some heels for work (ended up with three pair!) and had dinner at Canyon Cafe. Here's a little trivia about Canyon Cafe- this is where Michael and I had our first date almost 10 years ago! We love going there now, especially with the little one with us.

I also ate horribly this weekend- I fell off my diet wagon for a short minute, but starting back up on it again today. I'm Whole30ing it along with some yeast-free strategies- thus far, I've lost 11 pounds and that is without exercise. Once I find some time to work out, I hope that the weight will just keep slipping off. I've cut out all sodas and sugar (I have not had a coke since 4th of July weekend) and just keep myself motivated by putting away some jeans that are now too big! I have a wedding at the end of September that I'd like to be about 2 dress sizes smaller for!

I just wanted to say thanks to you all who have stuck around and left such sweet comments last week on my first blog post in months- meant so much to me to see my inbox full of new and familiar readers. I look forward to sharing more with you all!!

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Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why, Hello There!

Wait, what is this?? A blog post??? Yes!!! I'm not sure if "I'm back" so to speak, but I felt very compelled to come here and write about, well, anything that comes to mind. Also, I just wanted to see if my boring lil life still lured anyone here to read? I've really missed blogging on my space here and I think if I can manage my time correctly, I may be able to do it more often.

What is life like with me now? Well, to begin with, I only have FOUR MORE GRAD CLASSES LEFT!!!!! I will be finished in February!!! Can I get a HALLELUJAH? (seriously- just leave a hallelujah in the comments. I'd love it! LOL!)

Also- I have a certified TODDLER on my hands. He is talking, walking, running, and pretty much doing everything a one and a half year old does. He's hysterical (he now says bless you when you sneeze- I find myself fake-sneezing just to hear him say it) and just is the light of my life.

I am still an administrator at the same middle school- going on my second year! I think now that I have a full year under my belt, I am less stressed and more likely to leave the job earlier and enjoy spending some more quality time with my family.

The DVD player in the car has been a life saver- why did I wait so long to get on of these?!?!

Life with the husband is wonderful too- we still aren't 100% about having another baby, but we are very very happy with the life we have now. We are contemplating renovating our house or just putting it up on the market- we can't decide. I think once I finish grad school we can make some real decisions about it. In the mean time, I'll just read blogs pertaining to renovation and stalking local real-estate websites.

How have you all been? I'm so so so behind- please let me know what's going on!!! Leave me some links in the comments below- I have more time to read and hopefully blog!!! I've missed you all and look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I've Relocated

I've relocated- just for the day! You can find me over on the Houston Moms Blog!!!!

Read about my first night out away from Baby Apple!!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Letter To My Future Self

Dear Future Me, are you? It's so awkward writing a letter to myself. I just don't know where to start. Maybe I should tell you about where you are right now as you type this letter?

You're 32. You have a one year old son and he is the center of your universe. I bet that doesn't change, huh? You have a wonderful husband and he makes your life complete. You could not have done anything you are doing now without him now. He takes care of the baby until you get home from work which is sometimes 9 pm and also handles all the household duties and responsibilities so that you can rock the baby and put him to sleep, then power up your laptop and work on homework. You are about halfway finished with your master's degree right now and holding steady with a 4.0 GPA.

You work entirely too much and know that this is just going to take you one step further in your dream career. You don't go out much, and and the husband have NEVER been out on a date since the birth of the baby. (Please tell me this has changed?!?! Make it a point to date your husband!!!!)

I have so many questions for you right now, too. For example, What good books have you read? Do you have any other hobbies? Are you still blogging? Who are your friends? Where are you living?

Future Me, I hope you are a principal. I hope you are changing lives. I hope you have revolutionized the school system and are helping make a difference in the literacy gap that haunts our city and nation. I hope you are happy and that life has given you all that you need to succeed.

By the time you read this, the baby won't be a baby any longer. He will hopefully be in college and chasing his dreams. Maybe the husband has won the battle of turning him into a pro-golfer or baseball player. A mother can dream, right?

Maybe, Future Me, you have more kids? Maybe you have grandkids? Maybe you no longer live in Houston but have finally decided to skip town and moved to Hawaii like you always talked about? (Doubtful, but again, a mother can dream, right??)

Future Me, I just want you to remember this: YOU ARE BLESSED. You have so much to give to your family and all the hard work you have put into your life WILL BE WORTH IT.

When you read this, go kiss your husband. Call your son. Call your other children if you have them. Go outside and breath. Plant a tree. Do something that will leave a legacy. Do something that will document the blessings in your life. You only live once- breath deeply. Love harder. Count the blessings that never cease.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Obsession With Tortoise Shell

There is something so classy about Tortoise Shell, in my opinion. It is flattering on all and just looks so darn cute paired with just about anything. I've seen a gazillion pins on Pinterest lately all about the Tortoise Shell and it got me thinking...Why don't I have any of this beautiful brown pattern in anything that I own?

Do you have anything Tortoise Shell?

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